Hey, I'm Kaela! I write Music, sing really loud, & I get to travel the country performing for others! I love fashion and creating things. I am extremely blessed with the opportunities God has placed in my life, and if you want to know more about me, leave a message! 

I love meeting new people and sharing my story! You never know what doors will open and what doors will close. Learning how to open up windows and climb through them is how I've learned to overcome my obstacles. I believe in optimism, hard work, integrity, and always following your heart. I love speaking to large groups and using my journey, success, trials and triumphs to motivate others. Currently I am booking High schools for performances and motivational speaking. 

"The only competition in life, is the person you were yesterday"

I also own a really cool Guitar Strap Line called K'La Straps . Check them out and share with your fancy guitar playing friends! 

Planning an event? Check out my Event Design Line "Bling Bridal Events

For Business inquiries & Booking, please email me at info@kaelakinney.com

In the mean time, follow me online! I would love to share my adventures with you! 




Miss America Tour

Miss America Tour 

Having a Blast launching my new Single "Miss America" . We've stopped by Vegas, Los Angeles, Ohio, Indiana, Nashville, Murfreesboro, and we are heading back out on the road! 

Make sure to request Miss America to YOUR favorite local radio station!