What Exactly Does Kaela Do?

Kaela Kinney is building an empire where hard work, high energy, and creativity co-exist. Kaela Kinney is the owner and founder of K'La LLC. K'La  is a Creative Brand with multiple products, locations, and services provided. Kaela Kinney is a musician turned Entrepreneur, TV Host, and Motivational Speaker. Her songs have been featured on Hit shows including One Tree Hill, Greys Anatomy, The Ranch, Frank & Gracie. 

Kaela Kinney has created multiple 6 figure brands from the ground up. Kaela is also a real estate investor and enjoys flipping houses and managing rental properties with her Husband Jonathan Kinney. 

K'LA Guitar Straps


Every Guitar Deserves a Wardrobe! K'La Guitar Straps was launched Summer 2014, and features a full collection of leather,  vintage, and bedazzled couture guitar straps. "The Original Bling Guitar Strap" 

K'LA Boutique & Events


K'LA Boutique & Events is a full Service Retail, Rental, and coordinating company in the event and wedding industry. Based out of NorthWest Ohio, Southern CA, and Middle Tennessee.