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A hilarious and heartfelt mixture of personalities... the struggles, laughs, and triumphs, all while pairing 

the right details throughout the journey of Motherhood. Sometimes we love a good glass of Dao Chardonnay (see what we did there?) and other times we're a good ol' Latte topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Perspectives and Experiences from Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Entertainers. 

Seeking Organic Partnerships with direct Brands or via agencies whose marketing strategies align with our fun, light-hearted, 

and authentic approach to life and motherhood.

Let's Chat Fertility.


4 Angel Babies. One on the way. 

Openly discussing pregnancy hacks, hardships, hang ups, and the heart of longing to be a Momma. 

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@KaelaKinney (50K Combined Social Media) 

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@JenniferKulp (15k Combined Social Media) 

Launching Online Web-series & Social Media Channel January 2020